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Chiropractic is Very Safe and Effective: 

Chiropractic has been around for thousands of years.   Chiropractic was re-discovered by Palmer in the 1800.  It is now one of the biggest natural healthcare world wide.  Today Chiropractic Physicians have similar education as Medical Physicians.  Whereas, Medical Physicians treat with pharmaceuticals (ie drugs and surgery)--Chiropractic  Physicians treat naturally, using the body's natural healing capabilities.   Medical Physicians work on treating/masking neck and back symptoms via pain medication.   Chiropractic Physicians work on correcting the underlying cause of the symptoms, without the use of drugs or surgery with gentle adjustments, massage, physical therapy, and active rehabilitation and spinal strengthening exercises.   Taking too much of  pain medication for too long can cause injury to your liver, kidneys, and other organ systems.    Chiropractic Physicians work with the body to help facilitate healing.   If conservative treatments as offered by Chiropractic Physicians are not helping, then more invasive treatments such as injections or surgery may be necessary.    In most cases, Chiropractic has a tremendous success rate at treating you neck, back, and other conditions.   Chiropractic has over a  90% success rate for most neck, and back conditions, and Chiropractic treatment  is very safe and effective.

Also, records from insurance and court cases have consistently shown that chiropractic is the safest portal of entry health care available to the public today. Although no healthcare procedures are 100% safe, chiropractic stands on its record of safety and effectiveness unmatched in healthcare. To learn more about the safety record of chiropractic please visit the website Chiropractic Is Safe at

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