Ligament Injury from Auto Accidents

We treat lots of auto injury patients in our Beaverton, OR office, and neck discomfort is the most prevalent problem we have come across in our office. It's not unusual when you take into account that your neck is exposed to very high levels of strain during a collision.

In fact, a 2006 study discovered that the stresses on your neck during a rear-end impact actually stretch and weaken the ligaments of your cervical spine!

The key to effective treatment after an auto injury is to:

  • Get early care. It's vital to restore spinal mobility before scar tissue begins to form.
  • Keep the injured area mobile. Restricting movement also leads to scar tissue formation.
  • Encourage healing. Chiropractic manipulations improve blood flow to the wounded area, enhancing the recuperation process.


If you live in Beaverton, OR and you've been hurt in a car crash, give our office a call today at (503) 642-2845. We'll pinpoint the source of your suffering and help you get back on the road to health!

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